About Me - Andrew Politano
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My name is Andrew, and I am a content creator and photojournalist event photographer currently living in the DC Metro area.

I got my start strangely, in IT. During my time supporting various clients in the field, I became increasingly passionate about photography. I realized Information Systems simply wasn’t enough of an outlet for my passion to be creative, and after one terrible boss too many I decided to jump in full force and start my own business. I began with wedding photography and eventually branched out to events.

After a few years and several noteworthy accolades, I eventually found myself transitioning to a more corporate facing business model and today, I support a number of businesses and their ever growing needs to remain present and relative to their clients through content creation, social media management and providing consultation. This allows me to be as creative as I want and as an added benefit, better serve the local economy and community as I help to build more meaningful, sustainable relationships between clients and business owners.

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