About Me - Andrew Politano

  My name is Andrew, and I am a content creator and photojournalist event photographer currently living in the DC Metro area. I got my start in IT. I did everything from government contracts to working with smaller MSP’s but became increasingly passionate about photography and less passionate about responding to the ‘my printer broke’, ‘my network is down’ calls. I simply didn’t have the drive left at the end of the day to pick up a camera and go create. I realized Information Systems wasn’t enough of an outlet for my creativity, and after one terrible boss too many along with the encouragement of friends and famly to do my own thing, I decided to jump in full force and start my own business. I began with wedding photography (which I still do from time to time..) and eventually branched out to more complex projects.

  After a few years and several noteworthy accolades, I found myself transitioning to a more corporate facing business model. Today, I support a number of small and medium sized corporations and real estate clients and produce video interviews, customized property videography and photography, advertisements and social media marketing material. This not only allows me to be as creative as I want internally, but also serves to create an external effect; better serving the local economy and community. I help to build more meaningful, sustainable relationships between customers and business owners.

  As a side project, my fiancé and I started a YouTube channel in 2018 called ‘Brew Review’ in which we travel to breweries and showcase their beers, environment and give recommendations on their establishments for those who may be thinking of visiting the area as well as those who simply may not have had the time to make a visit to a particular establishment. We also review canned beers from around the country. We're excited to see what the future holds for the project! (For breweries with inquiries about Brew Review, please direct emails to brewreview4u@gmail.com)

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