Brew Review - Andrew Politano

  A Cicerone Certified couple reviews local (and sometimes not so local) breweries and their beers. We take a look at their atmosphere and service, we host beer related live streams, interview brewers and owners and answers questions about the local DC beer scene and abroad.  

  We go to a lot of breweries. Like, a LOT. We love exploring different beer, sampling everything we can. We talk amongst ourselves while we're there and basically review the beers to each other. So this year we figured, "Why don't we just film ourselves AT the breweries and review the beers just like we do when we don't have a camera in front of our faces?" Thus, the conception for "Brew Review" came to be and it was launched in June of 2018.

  Like IPA's but not sours? Have a passion for gose's but don't have an affinity for lagers? Our goal is to bring an unbiased awareness to brands and to help visitors to the area as well as locals who perhaps haven't made it out to a particular place decide if what's on offer is worth the visit for them.

  If you or your brewery have inquiries, please direct mail to

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest 2019

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